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CCC partners with Fridays for Future Taiwan!

Fridays for Future Taiwan (FFF Taiwan) is a youth-led movement that exists to amplify a diverse network of change makers to demand urgent action on the climate crisis. We are a branch of Fridays for Future located in Taiwan, alongside 200 other cities actively participating in the movement of FFF. Our country, Taiwan, has been significantly inactive when it comes to teen climate activism related activities. We hope this call of action will become a new wave of change, inspiring and educating more youth to take actions in our community. Our team currently consists of more than 50 members from 22 schools respectfully, ranging from high school to university.

The goal of the movement is to put moral pressure on policymakers, to make them listen to the scientists, and then to take forceful action to limit global warming. Our movement is independent of commercial interests and political parties. We strike because we care for our planet and for each other. We have hope that humanity can change, avert the worst climate disasters and build a better future. Every day there are more of us, and together we are strong. Everyone is welcome. Everyone is needed. No one is too small or too young to make a difference.

FFF Taiwan will be working with the Climate Change Club (CCC) to organize climate strikes and other events to raise climate awarenes. FFF Taiwan will also be collaborating with CCC to host environmental outings and climate summits.

On November 5th, we will be striking for CLIMATE REPARATIONS AND JUSTICE.

Join us for the Global Climate Strike as we demand policymakers and world leaders to prioritize people not profit. Please follow @fff.taiwan for more updates!

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