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CCC Double Tree Planting Outing

On March 12th, we accomplished a remarkable feat by planting 2000 saplings in the scenic 尖石 area, around a school, and a camping ground. By planting these trees, we are not only contributing to the environment but also fostering biodiversity. And guess what? Our efforts are also helping butterflies thrive by providing them with the nectar they need. It's an incredible feeling to know that we are making a positive impact on our planet.

On March 25th, our team embarked on our second tree-planting adventure of the month, but this time, we teamed up with the amazing indigenous nonprofit organization, Hata Nagasaki. Together, we made a meaningful impact by planting a whopping 353 trees in areas that were previously stripped of their natural beauty in Hsinchu County. It was a great day of giving back to Mother Nature!

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