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The Climate Change Club strives to enhance the environment around us while still ensuring our members and fun and memorable experience. Here are some of the things we do to support the environment 

Campers in the Woods


Tree planting is one of Climate Change Club's primary event, traveling to various parts of Taiwan to improve our environment. These trees not only provide clean air, they also restore Taiwanese indigenous communities that were previously destroyed, and increases biodiversity by providing habitable areas for local wildlife. We've planted over 1000 trees and collaborated with numerous organizations to create an even bigger impact.

Check out our events page to sign up for an upcoming tree planting outing!


Beach cleanups are integral in preserving the environment. Every piece of litter intercepted on the beach is one less piece of litter that ends up staining the ocean. Beach cleanups serve as our last line of defense, protecting ocean wildlife, coastal economies, and even beach-goers. Although the COVID pandemic hindered our plans for beach cleanups last year, Climate Change Club has massive ambitions this year to leave beaches throughout Taiwan clean and spotless. 

Check out our events page to sign up for an upcoming beach cleanup outing!

beach cleanup.png
Recycling Bins


The Climate Science Olympiad is a competition that empowers and unites 12,000 youth in over 149 countries to find solutions to fight climate change. Instead of tackling Climate Change on the front lines with a hands-on approach, the Climate Science Olympiad allows us to educate the public, develop methods to fight climate change, and cultivate leaders that will lead the battle against climate change in the near future. Dedicated to the Olympiad, Climate Change Club hopes to further expand the number of finalists we send to the Olympiad each year. 

Check out our events page to sign up for an upcoming climate science event!


The Asia Pacific Youth Climate Conference (APYCC) is an annual international event that gathers students all around the Asia Pacific region. This conference asks participants to provide solutions to real world climate problems, and present the solution in a slideshow or video format within 8 hours. Taking place in Taipei, this will be a hybrid conference. Students in Taiwan will participate at Taipei American School (TAS), while international students will participate via zoom.

Learn more and sign up for the APYCC conference here!

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