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CCC and Taiwan Youth Climate Action Team join forces to empower youth climate action!

The Youth Climate Action Team (YCAT) is an international youth-led nonprofit consisting of over 2,000 members in 30 countries. As a group of passionate students, members of YCAT have worked with the Director of the United Nations Environmental Program, the Under Secretary General of the UN and the White House as members of the Youth In Gov coalition. The recently founded Taiwan branch aims to follow in their footsteps to raise awareness about issues regarding the environment as well as celebrate the successes of our efforts.

At the moment, the Taiwan Youth Climate Action Team (TYCAT) focuses on producing magazine articles and posting on social media to gain a platform for youths to vocalize their concerns of the environment and discover how we can help to limit the effects of climate change.

We will be working with the Climate Change Club (CCC) during this academic year to host events such as tree planting and beach cleanups as well as collaboratively writing articles to share with students. The TYCAT looks forward to this partnership and hopes to create more impact on youths as we progress.

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