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Updated: Aug 19, 2022

Roads connect people and open up beautiful new routes into nature. However, there are some environmental impacts we must keep in mind.

One overlooked factor is noise pollution. The vibrations and noises of vehicles often disturb wildlife, sometimes even interfering with the communication of animals. Noises also affect the behavior of some species of wildlife as some animals can no longer rely on auditory cues to spot predators.

Another problem is surface runoff. During a rainstorm, the rain picks up pollutants such as gasoline, motor oils, and other byproducts of fossil fuel combustion on the road. The polluted water then runs off the roads and into the surrounding environment, potentially ending up in waterways.

We are certain that with rigorous environmental checks, roads can be designed to be minimally intrusive, such as by avoiding vulnerable ecosystems and incorporating wildlife crossings. This allows us to reach new destinations, while conserving and appreciating the environment.

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